30 March 2009

an ounce of prevention...

i knew a freeze was predicted last night. i thought of bringing the salad box in, or at least covering it. but, i was really tired from getting up early to see our guests off, for their early morning flight back to L.A.

i went to bed early, and thought of the delicate little seedlings outside, not one bit.
woke up to some frost covered plants, and more regret than i can handle this morning. we'll find out later who survived. right now, it's too soon to tell.


Heather said...

Oooh, girl, I was there last year. Except I was up all night fretting and had even tried to protect everything and certain things still ate it. Sigh. Spring gardening is very dramatic. I know it will be ok! These days I just tell myself that whatever gets killed by frost, eaten by a bird, or doesn't germinate just means I have more room later!



Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers that they survived the frost!