11 March 2009

do i really want to know?

i added an inexpensive soil testing kit with my seeds order this year, thinking it would be good to know what's lacking in our garden soil, rather than just shooting in the dark. when it arrived though, i was hesitant to use it, since i had already started working beds, and planting seeds. do i really want to know how bad it is? am i going to do what's required to amend the soil? doubtful. i'll probably just keep adding compost, leaf mold, an occasional bag of peat, and hope for the best.

after reading the instructions though, i decided it would be fun to do the test with carl (we both enjoy playing scientist) and if we don't end up adding anything special to our garden beds, then at least we know which nutrients (or lack thereof) to blame if our plants don't thrive.

we did the test. it was indeed fun. maybe we'll add something to one bed, as an experiment, and maybe we won't.

in other news, the arugula has already sprouted, and so has some of the lettuce and spinach in the salad box. expected lows in the twenties for tonight and tomorrow, so i'll bring the salad box indoors, close the cold frame, and cover the other beds, and our baby lilac, which has already started opening its buds.

has anyone else in our neck of the woods started gardening yet?

p.s. today is the one year anniversary for this garden blog!


Carol said...

You are further along than me with your salad box. So far, I've been cutting back perennials and the grape vine and chipping them up. I'm shooting for the 17th to plant peas if the soil is warm enough.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Dh said he wasn't ready to take a gamble yet...and then we're leaving for 2 weeks on vacation this weekend, so he'll just wait until we get back before planting.

Happy Bloggy Anniversary!!