20 March 2008

i dig it

the rain let up long enough for me to get out in the dirt this afternoon. i dug up half of the garden, and worked in some peat and composted manure. the soil seems ok to me, has decent drainage, and was easy to work. i was encouraged by the sight of a few earthworms, but there are also many small stones, and fine root systems in there. the roots probably come from the large oak tree to the west of the the garden plot. it felt so good to be out there, though i bet i feel it tomorrow (especially in my back).

cosmo was out there with me, pokin' around in the dirt, and examining the contents of the newest compost bin. "two flies," he stated. i couldn't really figure out what he was saying. it sounded like "two fries" and i thought, we never put fries in the compost, what is he talking about? i went to inspect. there were two flies on the food scraps. he stood there for a long time, just looking.

i'm still a bit nervous to plant any seeds outside. i think we have more cold weather coming. all the indoor seedlings look wonderful, and i am anxious to get my salad boxes started. i can always bring those in at night until it warms up.


Carol said...

Hi, cake. If the soil is warm enough, you can plant peas, lettuce, etc. becuase they will withstand a bit of frost after they've germinated. The seed box especially, can be planted now.

Our ground is still saturated from three inches of rain, so I won't be digging for awhile.

kate smudges said...

It must have been great getting out and digging. Your soil sounds promising. I'd listen to Carol - she definitely knows what she's doing! You're lucky to have her living nearer to you.

I enjoyed the story of Cosmo and the two flies. I'm always intrigued by what childrens' gazes fasten onto.