12 March 2008


i visited two antique stores today, in search of a wooden crate. i had read an article in organic gardening about how to make a portable, living salad box. it's a shallow wooden box, with a wire mesh and window screen bottom. you fill it with soil and plant lettuce and spinach, to be harvested as micro-greens for salads. i liked the idea of saving space in the garden by planting greens in a box, and i also liked the idea of putting them up on a table at night, to keep the rabbits from eating them.

i could picture an old wooden coke bottle crate as having the right dimensions, built in handles, and aesthetically appeal. i was ccertain i could find something cheap that was as good, or better than one i could make. the first place had several. they ranged from $15 to $25 each. i found an old wooden drawer that i thought might work, and bought it for $10. it was a bit small, and i wasn't sure about it, so i went to the only other place like this that i knew about in town, and found another drawer that was much bigger, and perfect for only$4. the second place was a lot more fun too, it was mostly salvaged architectural fixtures, doors and moldings, plus other items for restoring furniture or interiors. i had a nice conversation with the woman working there, about gardening, harvesting herbs and greens, and the time you can find in your life for gardening. she wondered what happened to that time during the winter.

this evening i drilled holes in the bottom of the smaller drawer. i plan to also line it with window screen, as the holes are rather large. i may plant some seeds in it this week. i am very happy with the solid, weathered and handsome boxes, even if one of them was over-priced. i enjoyed being in those shops much more than i would have enjoyed making the boxes.


SuzyQ said...

I like that idea - thank you for sharing! I have been eying an abandoned desk drawer in the hallway at work - if the janitor hasn't managed to take it away yet I will have to snatch it up (they hadn't taken it for a week or so - so hopefully it is still there!).

cake said...

this is just a follow up on using drawers for salad boxes. if they have been fastened with glue only, they will need to be reinforced with some screws, preferably galvanized.