19 August 2009


you may recall me waxing poetic about the humble husk cherry, aka ground cherry, aka cape gooseberry. i planted them, they grew, we have been harvesting the fruit all summer, and they just keep coming!

cosmo loves them, and enjoys hunting for them on the ground under the plants. he leaves of pile of "wrappers" around the garden bed.

they drop off the vine when they're ready, but it is best to set them aside, and wait for them to ripen a bit more. they taste okay with a little bit of green on the berries, but if you hold off 'til they turn golden---just like candy!

our favorite thing to do with them is to dip them in chocolate.

they look so lovely, like a fancy bon-bon, and taste fantastic. the berry has a slightly wild taste, and they keep very well, with or without the chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Those are GORGEOUS! I've never heard of them before. I'll have to show dh. We love checking out new crops.

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny? We went to a party last Friday where someone brought a plateful of tomatoes to share, and they had grown these same cherries! I'd never heard of them before now...and then twice in a couple of weeks.