04 September 2008

fall garden

the fall garden is planted, and includes arugula, lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, broccoli, and peas. those arugula seeds germinated in TWO DAYS! crazy. i worked over half of the edamame bed, and plan to build a cold frame out of some old windows and lumber we salvaged from a renovation and a demolition site. i am still researching the best way to construct it with what i have.

our yard is still sprinkled with summer color, though the cheery brown-eyed susans are fading fast. i cut a bouquet yesterday, and brought it into the house. the marigolds i started from seed took some time to establish themselves, but they're in full swing right now. they are easy to overlook, since everyone seems to have them, and their primary job in the garden is to deter pests. i noticed yesterday how lovely they are.

our top-heavy sunflowers may not fulfill their duties, but i still have hope. i know some birds who would really enjoy those seeds.


Stacy said...

My fall garden is in the ground as well! I am exciting to get one more round out of my garden before winter sets in. My radishes are the first ones up as well - that and my cucumbers. I haven't quite figured out what you do with chard or kale. Lovely flowers!

Heather said...

Hey you - thanks for the nice comment over at my house. So psyched to know that you are fall gardening too; it's where it's at, if you ask me, and if you have any questions that I could in any way help with just fire away. Lovely, lovely flowers - those marigolds kind of sneak up on you and seduce you, no??