18 April 2008

have you ever heard a plant grow?

i swear i did the other night. i have the grow light set up with the tomato plants right next to the desk here, and i was sitting at the computer when, out of the corner of my eye, i saw some leaves move, and i sort of heard it too. i glanced over at the tomato plants. and one of the leaves was still trembling slightly.

these bright green beauties really want to be in the ground.
too bad the ground is not ready for them.
the last frost date is still weeks away.

once again, i sigh. i wait.


chuck said...

not in this way, but the blooming pomegranate tree in the backyard has been talking to [?] the gerber daisies (the ones you gave us before you moved) for about a week, now.

Titania said...

Yes I have, if you have the opportunity to walk through a field growing cabbages one can hear noises, it's like they would be talking to each other, but it is probably just a certain expansion of the leaves that lets the cabbages talk. It is like a cracking noise, odd but true!

Philip Bewley said...

This was a wonderful post. Yes, I suppose I may have, but you descibed it wonderfully.